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The game is played out in turns between 2-8 players. Each player has a deck of included trading cards, and a fleet of playing pieces, called units. Each unit has a cost value represented by "build stars". Build stars are often referred to by combat cards, objective cards, and in the rules of the game. Each unit also has four values (Attack, Damage, Defense, and Shields). Units that a player controls in the game are called friendly units. Units that the opponent controls in the game are called opposing units.

A game is played with 30 build stars worth of units, along with a deck of at least 30 cards. The playing field consists of a home zone for each player and one "contested area". Players use units to "strike" objectives (three face-down cards) in their opponent's home zone while defending their own home zone's objectives against opposing units. In order for units to "battle" each other, both players roll 2 6-sided dice and play battle cards (see below). The combatants then add their attack values to their roll. If the attack total meets or exceeds the opponent's defense, a hit is scored. Both players check for a hit simultaneously. If the damage sustained is greater than the shield value, the opposing unit is destroyed. A player loses when either all friendly units in play or all of their objectives are destroyed.

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