Deadland/Doomtown CCG

Doomtown: Reloaded (originally Deadlands: Doomtown) is an expandable card game based on the Deadlands roleplaying game. It was originally a collectible card game from 1998 through 2001, and was revived as the Reloaded version in 2014.

During the game, each player builds out locations around town, while their dudes fight it out for control of the town. Doomtown sets itself apart from other card games in that each card doubles as a playing card, which impacts both deck building and gameplay. Players resolve certain in-game situations (such as combat) with a hand of poker, accentuating the Old West atmosphere of the game. The game’s movement rules are also noteworthy, often being compared to chess.

Doomtown is also a heavily story-driven game, with many tie-ins to the events of Deadlands at large. In both its iterations, players are given opportunities to affect the storyline, such as through tournaments where players vote on characters getting to live or die.

Deadland/Doomtown CCG

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